60-Bed Mental Health Facility Proposed for Nundah

Mental Health
Current built form on site – view from Nellie Street (Photo credit: Google Street View)

Did you know that a new 60-bed mental health hospital has been proposed for Nundah, aiming to address the growing demand for dedicated mental health facilities in Brisbane.

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The proposed development, a joint venture between healthcare providers Aurora and Medibank known as IMH, would be located at 20 Nellie Street on a 10,590 square metre site.


The mental health facility is planned as the centrepiece of a larger health and wellness hub spanning five buildings. In addition to the mental health building, the hub would include space for further health services, food and drink, offices, and indoor sports. 

Artist’s impression of mixed-use building (Photo credit: Z Architects)

Designed by Z Architects, the complex is envisioned between two and five storeys tall, with 214 parking spaces to accommodate patients and staff.

Mental Health
Photo credit: Z Architects

According to planning documents, the hospital would operate 24/7, with peak activity from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily for admissions, appointments, visiting hours, and deliveries. Patient care would be overseen by psychiatrists, with voluntary admissions and personalised treatment plans.

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Mental Health
Photo credit: Queensland Globe

Developers note that patients accessing mental health services are often outwardly functioning members of the community, seeking support, therapy and education. They emphasise that private facilities like the proposed hospital provide essential specialised care within the broader health system.

The Nundah site already has approval for a material change of use, granted in 2020. The defined land uses for the existing application include an Indoor Sport and Recreation Office, Shop, and Child Care Centre.

The amended application has removed the Child Care Centre in place of a Food and Drink Outlet, and has added the Hospital and the Health Care Services land uses.

Construction is said to be largely complete on the approved buildings and layout, meaning the proposed shift to mental health services would not require significant additional changes to the site.

Photo credit: Z Architects

Backers hope the project can complement nearby Belmont Hospital and expand access to quality mental health treatment in the region. If approved, the facility would be one of Australia’s few private psychiatric hospitals, catering to demand for more dedicated mental health infrastructure and expertise.

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Published 11-October-2023