Banyo’s ‘Grandma’s Christmas’ Celebrates 20 Years

‘Grandma’s Christmas’, a cherished tradition illuminating 4 Huron Street, Banyo, celebrates 20 years!

Jeanette Meyer began this enchanting journey when her daughter, Jodie Wendorf, brought home the joy of Christmas lights after marrying an American. With Kendall Meyer by their side, three generations came together, transforming their home into ‘Grandma’s Christmas.’


What started with a few lights has blossomed into an awe-inspiring display, drawing the community together each festive season. The house has become a beacon, welcoming families to an interactive wonderland that pays homage to Alice in Wonderland, blending classic Christmas elements with whimsy.

Jeanette Meyer’s creativity shines through homemade decorations crafted from wood, paper mache, and thousands of lights. The display has evolved from a humble sleigh and reindeer ears to an intricate exhibit that captures the imagination.

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However, amidst the lights and admiration, the display holds a heartfelt memorial garden. It’s a place of remembrance for the community, honouring those who’ve passed, including premature babies like Jodie’s son.

The appeal of ‘Grandma’s Christmas’ is undeniable. Hundreds flock to witness the spectacle each night, transforming the street into a scene reminiscent of ‘The Walking Dead.’ The display’s acclaim even reached the heights of winning best northside residence and best overall at the 4KQ Christmas lights competition in 2019.

Despite the global attention, Jeanette Meyer remains grounded. Her favourite part? The cherished moments spent together as a family, a sentiment echoed by her daughter. For Ashley Wendorf, growing up amidst this luminous tradition has been nothing short of incredible.

In Banyo, ‘Grandma’s Christmas’ isn’t just lights; it’s a testament to familial bonds, creativity, and the communal spirit of the festive season. For 20 years, this radiant spectacle has illuminated the hearts of locals and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Published 4-January-2024