Bike Awareness Month At St Joseph’s Primary School In Nundah

Photo credit: St Joseph's, Nundah / Facebook

St Joseph’s Primary School in Nundah is part of the Active School Travel Program (AST), and this June, they are celebrating bike awareness month.

Earlier this month, the school encouraged students to ride around the bike course on Mackillop Green. Since some students travel to school using their bikes, they were allowed to use the bike course as part of this month’s bike awareness campaign.


The school also held a Bling Your Bike Competition wherein students won prizes for the best “blinged” bikes.

The AST Program offers Brisbane primary schools with free resources, tools, and incentives to let students, parents, and staff to leave their vehicles at home and actively travel to school. The program promotes an active and healthy lifestyle not only for children, but for the parents and the staff of the school as well. This also promotes road safety and sustainable ways to travel.

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This year, 15 new schools in Brisbane have joined the program.

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