Creative Lighting Project: Nundah Lighting Project Is Progressing Well

Creative Lighting Project: Nundah Lighting Project Is Progressing Well

Nundah Village is set to sparkle and captivate as the Creative Lighting Project nears its completion, promising an enchanting visual transformation that will invigorate the shopping area, support local businesses, and celebrate Nundah’s rich cultural heritage.

The Nundah Lighting Project, aimed at enhancing the vibrancy and appeal of the Nundah Village Shopping area, is progressing smoothly, according to Councillor Adam Allan. In a recent social media post, he expressed his satisfaction with the installation of illuminated towers as part of the project.


“I’m pleased to deliver this Creative Lighting improvement to the Nundah Village Shopping area,” Councillor Allan wrote. “This project will add to the Nundah Village vibrancy and buzz, supporting local business with its mix of cafes, restaurants, and shops.”

The Nundah Village Creative Light Project comprises three illuminated elements that incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designs. Additionally, the project includes the striking illumination of a prominent Kauri Pine tree with bud lighting. These elements are expected to contribute to the overall aesthetic and cultural richness of the area.

Acknowledging the patience of the Nundah Village community during the construction period, Councillor Allan assured residents that the construction phase is now complete. The final step involves the electrical supply works, which will soon be connected by Energex.

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“Thank you to the Nundah Village community for your patience while the works have been undertaken. Construction is complete with the electrical supply works coming soon with Energex to connect.”

The Nundah Lighting Project is part of Brisbane City Council’s broader initiative to activate the city and bring people together to celebrate the enviable Brisbane lifestyle. These creative lighting projects also aim to support small businesses and foster a robust local economy.

By introducing unique lighting and projection outcomes, Brisbane seeks to create a distinctive identity and enhance the city experience for both residents and visitors.

This mesmerising display can be enjoyed by visitors every night, further enhancing the city’s reputation as a hub of artistic and cultural expression.

In June 2022, a similar creative lighting project was completed in Mowbray Park, East Brisbane. 

Published 3-July-2023