Fitz+Potts in Danger of Closing Due to Nundah Development; Petition Launched, Assurances Given

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Fitz + Potts has captured the hearts of the local Nundah community since it opened its doors in 2015. For the past three years, it has become the home for locals who are fond of catching up over a few rounds of beer.

The much-loved bar, however, is in danger of demolition.

If a proposed project pushes through, a new eight-storey retail and apartment building will soon rise, right at the corner of Chapel St and Sandgate Rd, the very spot where Fitz + Potts is currently situated.


Credit: Fitz+Potts Facebook

The proposed project will see 72 medium-sized apartments rise, above 12 retail tenancies. Mondo Architects, the firm in-charge for its design, intends to integrate the facade of the Henry Thomas building in the overall design of the planned building.

Artist’s rendition of proposed development
Credit: BCC DA

Fitz + Potts has the best of Australian craft beers, wines and spirits from local brewers, aside from the grazing menu available every day. The bar is constructed with colourful, retro-inspired interiors. Its balcony has become known to be a perfect spot for having their delicious mojitos.

Credit: Fits+Potts Facebook

Many of Nundah’s residents believe that such a development will change Nundah’s village vibe, a suburban atmosphere which they have come to love. For some, Fitz + Potts’ new-age vibe will be sorely missed.

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Rachelle Willington, a Nundah resident, recognised that the looming development will have a negative impact to the aesthetic and economic value of Nundah. She believes that Nundah does not need the project, particularly that there are existing unoccupied apartment buildings similar to the slated project.

Ms. Willington has started a petition addressed to the Brisbane City Council to stop the development. As of writing, there are already more than 2,000 Nundah residents who have signed the petition.

“It will negatively impact the Nundah community and its ‘village lifestyle’. This lifestyle is a large part of what makes this suburb so unique – including residents supporting local businesses. We must protect and preserve our suburb and continue to support small businesses,” Ms. Willington asserts.

In media interviews, FTTOA spokesman Jack Jameson has explained that the company approached Fitz + Potts and other businesses with tenancy proposals for the new building. FTTOA, the company at the helm of the project, assured everyone that it also want to retain the village feel of the suburb. He said that the 72 apartments will be leased on a long-term basis, not sold, and that all the present retail tenants will be retained. Mr. Jameson said that discussions with some of the 20 tenants have already started and that they are in no rush for the development.