Forty Years of Loretta Ryan: Broadcaster Reflects on Illustrious Radio Career

Forty Years of Loretta Ryan: Broadcaster Reflects on Illustrious Career in Radio
Photo Credit: CC-BY 2.0 / chaps1 / Flickr

Speaking about a remarkable radio career spanning forty years, Loretta Ryan opens up about the choices she has made along the way. As she celebrates four decades on the air, Ryan reflects on the impact of those choices throughout her career.

Brisbane Radio’s Constant Companion: Forty Years of Loretta Ryan

A familiar name in Brisbane radio, Loretta Ryan has been a constant presence on the city’s airwaves for 40 years. From her early days at Radio 10 to her current role as co-host of the ABC Breakfast Show, she has witnessed the growth of both her career and the city she calls home. Ryan’s love of the medium shines through as she shares people’s stories with her listeners.


Born and raised in Brisbane, Ryan is proud of her deep connection to the city and its people. Her extensive knowledge of the city has been a huge asset in her radio career — allowing her to connect with listeners on a personal level. While some might have encouraged her to explore opportunities elsewhere, she is proud to have made her mark in her hometown.

A Twist of Fate and a Fresh Start

The sudden termination of Ryan’s role at 4BC in 2015 left her devastated. Uncertain about her future in radio, she found support from friends who helped her transition into a role at ABC. Starting anew, she began as a producer before landing the breakfast show alongside Craig Zonca. Ryan recognises that the unexpected turn of events has led her to where she is today.

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Ryan’s Legacy and the Future of Radio

Ryan’s personal life has been a journey of its own. Single and without children of her own, she cherishes her role as an aunt to six nieces and nephews. While reflecting on the absence of her own family, Ryan finds purpose in caring for her ageing mother. She acknowledges that women face societal expectations regarding marriage and motherhood, but asserts that everyone’s path is unique.

As the world rapidly evolves in the digital age, Ryan remains confident in radio’s enduring presence in the community. Reflecting on the changes she has seen — from vinyl records to digital streaming — she believes that radio will always have a place in people’s lives.

With her love of storytelling, Loretta Ryan has certainly left an indelible mark on Brisbane’s airwaves.

Published 14 July 2023