Karise Eden Returns to Nundah, Her Former Home, for a Special Performance

Karise Edens

Karise Eden, the inaugural winner of “The Voice Australia” in 2012, is set to make a triumphant return to Nundah, her former home, as she gears up for a special performance at the Royal Hotel Nundah.

On Saturday, 28 Oct 2023,  the Royal Hotel will be abuzz with excitement as it unveils its new live music room, and the local community is eagerly awaiting Karise’s performance.


A Special Gig for Karise Eden

This homecoming gig holds immense significance for Karise, who has spent the past year touring the East Coast relentlessly. For the artist, who has seamlessly transitioned from reality show fame to a successful recording and touring career, it is a heartwarming experience to be back where it all began.

Karise’s connection to the Royal Hotel goes beyond her upcoming performance. She has a history with the venue, having once worked behind the bar.

Nowadays, she can be spotted there as a regular patron, often dining with her husband and two adorable children. Her roots in the community run deep, after moving to Brisbane in 2016. No doubt, she’s excited to be part of the pub’s new live music room launch.

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A Remarkable Journey in Music

Karise’s career has seen her excel in various music genres, from blues to soul, rock to power pop, and country to Americana. She has been compared to the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse, thanks to her distinctive voice and emotive performances.

Her 2022 indie release, “Into The Black,” features an AIR No. 1 single, and her solo performances are an eclectic blend of original songs and reimagined classics. With a musical journey that continues to evolve, she remains a compelling force in the Australian music scene.

Karise Eden’s Journey from Fame to Self-discovery

While Karise has enjoyed remarkable success in her music career, she has also faced her share of personal challenges. After her success on “The Voice,” the 31-year-old artist, known for her powerful and soulful voice, has achieved multiple ARIA Awards, gold and platinum records, and even secured top positions in the ARIA and AIR charts.

However, there was one aspect of her life where she felt a void – her education. Karise dropped out of school at just 13 and entered foster care. Despite her success as an artist, she struggled with feelings of inadequacy because she lacked a formal education. The industry’s pressures and expectations exacerbated her insecurity, with some people in the business world treating her unfairly due to her perceived lack of education.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Karise found herself without a source of income, prompting her to reevaluate her life’s direction. In her pursuit of personal growth and self-rediscovery, she decided it was time to complete her high school education. The artist took a significant step by enrolling in the Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) course at a Queensland TAFE, aiming for graduation in Easter 2024.

Karise’s determination has seen her excel in her studies, proving that it’s never too late to return to education. She is juggling her studies with a bustling career, public speaking, running a business, and raising children. Her story echoes the common experience of many adults who have faced obstacles in their education, highlighting the importance of flexible adult learning opportunities.

Her motivation extends beyond personal growth. She’s eager to set an example for her children and break the cycle of abuse through perseverance and determination.

Published 21-Oct-2023