MoU Signed for Pinkenba Quarantine Facility

Pinkenba Quarantine Facility
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Pinkenba Quarantine Facility is now one step closer to opening up after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The Commonwealth has forged an agreement with the Queensland Government to build a 1,000-bed quarantine facility by mid-2022. Located at a 30-hectare lot within the Damascus Barracks, the site is in proximity to the Brisbane Airport, cruise terminals, and hospitals. 


Despite Queensland’s success in controlling coronavirus outbreaks, the region remains vulnerable to transmissions at the borders. Whilst vaccination has been ramped up, threats of the virus, especially with the more dominant and highly transmissible Delta variant, looms.

“Following countless breaches from the nation’s hotel quarantine system it’s clear there is an urgent need for more fit-for-purpose quarantine facilities throughout Australia,” Deputy Premier Steven Miles said. 

“With NSW and Victoria in lockdown, we cannot afford more leaks from hotel quarantine.”

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Photo Credit: Ozatwar/Australian Government

Construction of the Pinkenba Quarantine Facility will be financed by the Commonwealth whilst Queensland will provide the services once it’s opened. 

“Until all Australians have been offered a vaccination, quarantine facilities will remain Australia’s frontline in preventing deadly new strains of COVID-19 from entering our community,” Mr Miles added. 

Meanwhile, the Queensland Government will also build another quarantine facility near the airport at Wellcamp, Toowoomba. Construction of this site will start by Christmas 2021.