No Sunday Pay Cut for Nundah Restaurant Staff

Restaurant owner refuses to cut Sunday penalty rates of staff.

Sunday penalty pay rates have been slashed by the Fair Work Commission, to the dismay of union groups and workers affected by the decision. Despite the pay cut rule, Earth ‘n’ Sea Nundah owner Steve O’Shea will not reduce the penalty rates of his staff.

Mr O’Shea said that the gesture is one way of showing his staff his appreciation for their work and dedication. Sunday is the third busiest day for Mr O’Shea’s business, next to Friday and Saturday.

He thinks that maintaining the current rate makes good business sense. Sunday is a rest day for most people and for his staff to go to work on that day is something that he values.


Giving his staff the compensation they deserve will translate to excellent customer service. He also believes that taking away something that’s been available for so long could affect the morale of the people at work.

Had Mr O’Shea opted to cut the Sunday pay of his restaurant staff, his chef would have lost about $54 every Sunday. According to the controversial decision of the Fair Work Commission, the staff could have taken a 14.25 per cent rate reduction.

Earth ‘n’ Sea Nundah serves pizzas and pasta 7 nights a week from 5:30 pm. Every week, the restaurant features a Beer of the Week Special.

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The restaurant is located at 1252 Sandgate Road, Nundah. For more information, visit the Earth ‘n’ Sea Nundah website or their Facebook page.

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