Northgate Community Completes Successful Tree Planting Activity

Northgate tree planting
Photo credit: Hans/Pixabay

A group of residents from Northgate has completed a tree planting activity on Saturday, the 23rd of March, with much success.

Councillor Adam Allan, who sponsored the project along with the Brisbane City Council, confirmed in a post on Facebook that the volunteers were able to plant more than 250 different trees by the side of the streets.


Wearing their most comfortable gardening clothes, shoes and hats, the volunteer residents met at the Plaisted Place Park before 9:00 a.m. to receive instructions from the experts. Mr Allan posted a video showing a staff from Treescape who demonstrated to the residents the proper way to plant the trees.

After working until 12:00 p.m., the following streets in Northgate now have newly-planted trees:

  • Almond Street
  • Belmore Street
  • Cavendish Street
  • Cook Street
  • Flower Street
  • Gympie Street
  • Krone Street
  • Little Street
  • Love Street
  • Maynard Street
  • Nansen Street
  • Northgate Road
  • Peary Street
  • Pole Street
  • Ridge Street
  • Ross Street
  • Saint Vincents Road
  • Sapsford Street
  • Scott Street
  • Toombul Street
Photo Credit: Loving Nundah/Facebook

As a token of gratitude, the volunteers were given free native plants, which they could plant in their own garden at home. The participants also enjoyed a sausage sizzle to cap their morning.

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The Council will continue to provide these trees with water and maintenance services throughout the year. With proper care, these trees should bring more shade, cool winds and visually pleasing greens around the streets of Northgate.