Nudgee Recreation Reserve: Brisbane’s Newest Sporting Gem Beckons

Nudgee Recreation Reserve FI
Photo Credit: BCC

The Nudgee Recreation Reserve, now Brisbane’s newest multi-sports park and recreation reserve, made its debut for the summer holidays, heralding a new era of recreational development in the region.

Once an idle piece of land, the site has undergone a remarkable transformation into a sporting haven. Nudgee Recreation Reserve is set to become the flagship location for Football Queensland’s latest northern Brisbane facilities. 


Football Queensland has been granted the lease for this $35 million recreational marvel. The facility encompasses six state-of-the-art playing fields, a clubhouse, and community spaces, forming a pivotal part of the Metro North hub for football. This development aims to address the growing demands in Brisbane, where the sport has over 100,000 club-based and social participants.

Meeting the Soaring Demand for Football Facilities

Remarkably, the six football fields at Nudgee Recreation Reserve are already reserved at full capacity from Monday to Friday, well ahead of its official opening. This underscores the pressing need for sports facilities in the region and the strong demand for such amenities.

Football Queensland has thoughtfully reserved certain slots on weekends for community use, ensuring that residents can also enjoy this remarkable facility. Various community programs, including Girls United, Walking Football, Multicultural Settlement Program, and MiniRoos Kick-Off, will find their home at the Nudgee Recreation Reserve. Football Queensland plans to offer additional programs such as the FQ Academy, FQ Referee Academy, coach education, and Queensland state team sessions at this venue. Local community clubs will also benefit from valuable field space, further enriching the overall sporting experience in the area.

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Leo Sancini, Vice President of the Brisbane City Football Club, expressed his enthusiasm for the Nudgee Recreation Reserve, particularly highlighting its potential for growth in both women’s and men’s football. As the city anticipates the upcoming Olympics, the facility’s presence will undoubtedly open doors for many aspiring football players, providing countless opportunities for the community to embrace this beloved sport.

A Multi-Sport Facility for the Community

However, its appeal extends far beyond just the football enthusiasts. This recreational gem boasts an array of amenities, including a playground, BMX pump track, and even a dedicated dog park, promising a wide range of activities to cater to the diverse interests of the local community.

Nudgee Recreation Reserve FI
Photo Credit: CrAdamAllan/Facebook

The Nudgee Recreation Reserve’s versatile sporting fields are designed to accommodate a variety of sports, including touch football, cricket, and soccer. In addition, a new 223-space car park and pathway connections to Nudgee Train Station and Railway Street have been established to ensure easy accessibility for all.

Further work on the clubhouse interior, including sports field lighting, change rooms, meeting rooms, storage, and public toilets, is expected to be completed in early 2024.

Published 4-Jan-2024