Nundah School to Shoot Music Video with Neil Finn Song after Positive Tweet from Musician

It was one fine day for a Neil Finn fan and film teacher Karyn Chapman when the musician replied positively to her tweet asking if her school could use his song for a music video.

Ms Chapman, who teaches in Mary MacKillop College in Nundah, was ecstatic when she read Neil Finn’s response to her tweet. She handles the school’s film and TV program. Part of the program is music video production for Year 11 students.

Ms Chapman has been a fan of Neil Finn since she was 13 years old. She admits having tweeted to him occasionally, but this was the first time that the musician replied. She told him that college is looking for a song to make a music video and asked if they could use one of his songs. Neil’s response was short and encouraging.


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To create music videos, Ms Chapman’s students usually rely on royalty-free music they get from websites such as Bensound and Purple Planet. Unless they get expressed permission from musicians, their choices are limited to royalty-free music.

Since it’s often difficult to find royalty-free music, the school would look for emerging bands who would want a music video shot for them. That is why it was a pleasant surprise for Ms Chapman and her students to hear from someone as famous as the Split Enz and Crowded house musician.

Ms Chapman revealed that she’s not the only Neil Finn fan in the school. In fact, the school plays his music often during liturgies, assemblies or awards night.