Proposal for a Nundah Child Care Centre is Still Pending for Approval

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004647729, Brisbane City Council

Town Planning Alliance, a company that specializes in delivering the best planning and development advisory services, lodged a development application for Nundah Child Care Centre in the middle of this year. The development is located at 254 and 258 Buckland Road, Nundah.

The proposal is still awaiting confirmation after the Council required the development application to satisfy the Stormwater Code, including a request for an amended plan to show that the existing house roof water will drain to the drainage system.



Proposed Plans

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004647729, Brisbane City Council

Town Planning Alliance lodged the application in behalf of the Smithfield Property Group. It is a Brisbane-based firm that specialises in property development, funds management, and development management. They largely focus on niche projects involving suburban retail, residential, and child care projects in Brisbane.

The Nundah Child Care Centre is just one of Smithfield’s child care projects. Opus Architecture, a firm that services the public, commercial, health, leisure, and education sectors, designed the plans for the centre.

Tower Ad

The plan proposes a facility with a maximum building height of two storeys in compliance with the Nundah District Neighbourhood Plan. The centre is designed to accommodate 83 children and is planned to operate from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. only.

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004647729, Brisbane City Council

The proposal also shows that there will be four to five play areas (including the play deck) around the centre. Below the play deck, there will be an undercroft parking area with 17 car park spaces. Vehicle access will be provided from Buckland Road.

A sub-division has also been proposed to retain the existing dwelling, allowing 450 square metres for the lot and 1,164 square metres for the new centre. This will allow the project to keep the surrounding development and comply with the Low Density Residential Zone.


Development Details

  • New two storey building with height of 9.5 metres
  • 559 square metre of GFA
  • 845 square metre for play areas
  • Site coverage of 604 square metres
  • Undercroft car parking
Photo credit: D.A. No. A004647729, Brisbane City Council

The development application is still open for suggestions. You can lodge your submissions on the Brisbane City Council PD Online page for the development. Smithfield will place the Nundah Child Care Centre for sale upon completion.