Push Grows for Housing for the Needy on Toombul Site

Toombul Shopping Centre
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Efforts to revamp the site of the damaged Toombul Shopping Centre, which was severely affected during the February 2022 flood event, are gaining momentum with support from various quarters. 

The proposed transformation aims to create a vibrant precinct featuring social and affordable housing solutions, with significant implications for the Toombul community and Queensland. This initiative comes as a response to the growing need for affordable housing in the region.


Reflecting on his personal history, Premier Steven Miles mentioned his early employment at a café situated within the Toombul Shopping Centre and expressed his sentiment regarding its loss. Despite this, he underlined the potential of the site, particularly given its expansive size and proximity to a train station.

“It is a large piece of land with a train station – and that is exactly the kind of land that we want to see developed, and developed with affordability in mind and with a share of those properties to be social and public housing,” Mr Miles said. 

Mirvac to Reveal Toombul Shopping Centre Redevelopment Plans Soon
Photo Credit: Mirvac

Private Ownership and Governmental Collaboration

Notably, the land in question is privately owned by the developer Mirvac. Mr Miles welcomed Housing and Planning Minister Meaghan Scanlon’s commitment to collaborate with Mirvac. 

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Minister Scanlon expressed her intent to utilise her planning powers and social housing budget to assist in this venture. The Premier emphasised the significance of granting the Housing Minister planning powers, which could provide her with the necessary flexibility to expedite development approval.

While Brisbane City Council approved the demolition of the Toombul Shopping Centre in 2023, the precise future of the site remains uncertain. Minister Scanlon has not yet met with Mirvac to finalise the transformation of the location into residential accommodation featuring social and affordable housing. 

However, she enthusiastically declared her readiness to present the proposal to the developer, citing the urgent need to address Queensland’s housing shortage. She also extended her willingness to engage with other developers interested in contributing to the cause.

Awaiting Mirvac’s Decision

A spokesperson for Mirvac stated that the company has not yet determined the future use of the once-iconic shopping centre. 

The fate of the Toombul site now hinges on the collaborative efforts of the state government, private developers, and local authorities as they seek to create a more inclusive and affordable housing landscape for Queensland residents.

Published 29-Jan-2024