Party and Stay Comfy @ the Barefoot Cocktail Party in Nundah

Dress to the nines but leave your shoes at home. Stage 6 Health & Fitness moved to a bigger and a cozier home. To welcome the Nundah community as they christen their new digs in style, they’re holding a “Barefoot Cocktail Party” on Saturday, 16th of September. You can wear your fanciest party clothes, just make sure to come sans any footwear. The party will start at 5:30 p.m. until midnight.


The Comfort of Partying Barefooted

Photo credit: Shannon Kringen/Flickr

Wanting to emphasize that “fancy” and “homey” need not be mutually exclusive, Stage 6 invites Nundah to feel comfortable enough to go barefoot beyond their home and into their new “health and fitness home”. This opening soiree is all about being able to relax, kick off your shoes, and be laid back while partying your heart out.


Moving Up

Photo credit: Stage 6 Health & Fitness/Facebook

Stage 6 takes another leap to success as they “move up” to their new Nundah place. In 2014, Matt Rutley, owner and head trainer, and his wife, Amelia, built Stage 6 from the ground up. Literally. They built, painted, refurbished, repurposed, and recycled their first home through the help of the people around them.


The Rutleys established the fitness centre to provide a gym for people who don’t enjoy going to regular gyms. Stage 6 is like a playground of exploration and discovery of people’s real strength and fitness with a “homey” ambiance and without pressure.

In keeping with their desire to inspire community effort towards a common goal, Stage 6 is also known for the interesting “collaboration murals” that they have around the centre. For this location, they did not disappoint. A couple of months ago, they had a “Stage 6 Movin’ Up (the road) Working Bee” initiative that invited the community for the renovation, repainting, and re-designing of their new home. This showed that Stage 6 is more than just a fitness centre, but also a home that combines fitness and the creativity of the people behind it.



Tickets cost $30 per head, inclusive of cocktails and drinks, food, and canapes. There’s no pre-purchasing of tickets online. Just purchase the tickets from Matt and Amelia at Stage 6. You can also RSVP on Wednesday, the 13th of September.

Visit the event page or Stage 6 website and Facebook page for updates.