Devils vs Clydesdales: Norths Seek Redemption from 2023

The Norths Devils are gearing up for a crucial clash against the Western Clydesdales in round 7 of the Hostplus Cup this Saturday, April 26. After a challenging game on the road, the Devils are eager to capitalise on their return to familiar territory and reclaim their winning form. Devils vs Clydesdales kickoff  at 5:00 p.m. at Bishop Park.

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Lessons from Cairns

Devils vs Pride 2024
Photo Credit: Facebook / Norths Devils Rugby League Football Club

Last week’s performance against Northern Pride in Cairns highlighted areas for improvement for the Devils. Despite moments of excellence, defensive lapses and errors plagued their gameplay, resulting in a 38-12 loss.

With a 3-3 win-loss record built on fluctuating results, the Devils recognize the need to develop consistency as a squad with fifteen new players.

Devils vs Clydesdales, redemption on the agenda

The Norths Devils lost their only matchup 42-34 so far against Clydesdale, who returned to the QRL just last season. This sole defeat came at the most crucial time, denying the Devils a chance to compete in the 2023 finals round. A win this Saturday would help redeem last season’s woes and assert the Devils among the league’s top teams this season.

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Looking forward, the Devils will have a bye before returning to Bishop Park on May 12 to face the Brisbane Tigers. With a challenging start to the season against a tough schedule, the Devils are determined to find their stride and secure a strong foothold in the league standings.

Published 26-April-2024

Must Read! ‘The First Ashore’ Book About Gallipoli Landing Heroes

Author Peter Burgess has published ‘The First Ashore,’ a collection of stories about the brave men who were the first ashore in Gallipoli.

The book launch will be held on Saturday, 18 December 2021 at 10:30 a.m. at the Banyo Library. The author will be joined by twelve families from Queensland who are proud descendants of the “first ashore.” 

Australia’s National Day of Remembrance for the fallen heroes of the war is deeply rooted in the Gallipoli campaign. The book is a tribute to Mr Burgess’ grandfather, Private Syd Davies, who served in Queensland’s 9th Battalion and the memory of the first men ashore.

Photo Credit: Supplied

Mr Burgess said that his grandfather had many tales about the war, particularly about the first men to land at Gallipolli.

“Despite being unable to prove his claims, my research progressed, and I soon realized that, despite our World War 1 Diggers bestowing much esteem on this small but unique group of soldiers, in official and popular history they had been largely overlooked.”

“Yet, for many Queensland families and Queensland communities, they represent a proud and strong connection to the Anzac Legend.” 

The author believes that recognition for these men has been long overdue. That thought motivated him to write and publish their stories.

“These men were ordinary Queenslanders whose lives inspire and provide us with an intimate understanding of the tragic war experience of ordinary citizens.

“They were no more courageous than the 16,000 other Anzacs that landed that day but, in almost every aspect of human endeavour, the universal custom is to bestow some level of recognition for the first achiever.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

“The First Ashore” is the culmination of years of hardwork for Mr Burgess, who used to work as a school teacher. The author hopes that this book will fill the gaps for other Australians interested in the history of the Gallipoli campaign.