Nundah & Whole Brisbane are Invited to Host a Pyjama Day

Host a “Pyjama Day” party with family, friends, and colleagues and wear your best jammies and onesies all day. The “National Pyjama Day” is a project of The Pyjama Foundation to raise funds for children in foster care.

The official date for the National Pyjama Day is on the 21st of July, but anyone can hold a Pyjama Day at anytime throughout July and August.


The Pyjama Foundation

7/10 Depot Street, Banyo

Photo credit: The Pyjama Foundation/Facebook

Bronwyn Sheehan founded The Pyjama Foundation in 2004 to give children in foster care the opportunity to change directions in their lives. Ms. Sheehan realised that children in foster care may not be given the same opportunities as children who are not.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies cites that many young children and teens below 18 years old are pulled out from their original homes due to child abuse, trauma, and neglect. This often leads to poor health, inadequate attachments, and educational outcomes.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there are:

  • 92% of children in care that are below average in reading level at age 7
  • 75% of children in care that do not complete 12 years of school; and
  • 35% of children in care that are entering the juvenile system.

With the children’s lack of literacy and their particular educational needs, The Pyjama Foundation aims to close the gap and connect the children in care with adult mentors to increase their learning and educational outcomes.


Love of Learning Program

Photo credit: The Pyjama Foundation/Facebook

“Pyjama Angels” are volunteers that are matched to every child in a foster care as the part of the Love of Learning Program. They will meet the same child every week for 1.5 hours. They will read books to the children, play educational games, and other activities involving literacy, numeracy, and mentoring.

Photo credit: The Pyjama Foundation/Facebook

One way of helping the children in foster care is hosting or attending the Pyjama Day. Visit the event page for further details.

Check out The Pyjama Foundation’s website to know other options on how to help and get involved.