Banyo’s ‘Grandma’s Christmas’ Celebrates 20 Years

‘Grandma’s Christmas’, a cherished tradition illuminating 4 Huron Street, Banyo, celebrates 20 years!

Jeanette Meyer began this enchanting journey when her daughter, Jodie Wendorf, brought home the joy of Christmas lights after marrying an American. With Kendall Meyer by their side, three generations came together, transforming their home into ‘Grandma’s Christmas.’

What started with a few lights has blossomed into an awe-inspiring display, drawing the community together each festive season. The house has become a beacon, welcoming families to an interactive wonderland that pays homage to Alice in Wonderland, blending classic Christmas elements with whimsy.

Jeanette Meyer’s creativity shines through homemade decorations crafted from wood, paper mache, and thousands of lights. The display has evolved from a humble sleigh and reindeer ears to an intricate exhibit that captures the imagination.

However, amidst the lights and admiration, the display holds a heartfelt memorial garden. It’s a place of remembrance for the community, honouring those who’ve passed, including premature babies like Jodie’s son.

The appeal of ‘Grandma’s Christmas’ is undeniable. Hundreds flock to witness the spectacle each night, transforming the street into a scene reminiscent of ‘The Walking Dead.’ The display’s acclaim even reached the heights of winning best northside residence and best overall at the 4KQ Christmas lights competition in 2019.

Despite the global attention, Jeanette Meyer remains grounded. Her favourite part? The cherished moments spent together as a family, a sentiment echoed by her daughter. For Ashley Wendorf, growing up amidst this luminous tradition has been nothing short of incredible.

In Banyo, ‘Grandma’s Christmas’ isn’t just lights; it’s a testament to familial bonds, creativity, and the communal spirit of the festive season. For 20 years, this radiant spectacle has illuminated the hearts of locals and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Published 4-January-2024

Teens Attempting to Steal Vehicle From Banyo Residence Tracked by Dog Squad

A dog squad from Hendra Station was able to successfully track two of three teens who allegedly broke into a house in Banyo and attempted to steal a vehicle. All three youth offenders have been charged with burglary offences.

At approximately 9.30 pm on 24 November 2022, police were alerted to an attempted burglary and car theft at a Banyo residence. Three teenagers were disturbed by the owner of the house whilst attempting to steal a vehicle. Two of them ran from the residence.

Multiple crews from Hendra Station with their dog squad cordoned the area off and tracked the offenders who attempted to escape.

Investigations revealed that two of the youth offenders had allegedly broken into the residence the previous day and stolen car keys, returning the next day to attempt to steal the car.

A 13-year-old Nudgee boy, a 13-year-old Sandgate girl, and a 15-year-old Bracken Ridge girl will appear in Brisbane Children’s Court to face burglary charges.

Youths Attempting to Steal Vehicle From a Banyo Residence Tracked by Dog Squad
Photo Credit: Kris from Pixabay

Police said that house-breaking, also called a break and enter or burglary, is one of the most common crimes and can occur at any time of the day or night.

Residents are then advised to regularly assess their home security, introduce targeted security measures and make changes to their everyday behaviours to help keep one’s home safe.

Good home security makes it easy for an offender to be seen, difficult for an offender to gain entry, difficult for an offender to exit with your property, and difficult for an offender to gain benefit from your property.

Have any information for the police? Please contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form. Or report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers by calling 1800 333 000 or via 

Inside Expansion Plans For $100-M Summerlin Estate In Banyo

Developers of Summerlin Estate, a $100-million, master-planned development in Banyo, have lodged plans to expand its existing community north of Brisbane.  

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Based on the application documents submitted to Brisbane City Council, the proposal is for five-storey multiple dwellings with 30 two and three-bedroom units within Stage 3A and part of Stage 3B of the Summerlin Estate at 15 Solomon St, Banyo. 

Apartments at the Stage 3A will have their own courtyards at the ground level and balconies above ground level to provide residents with a private open space. It will also feature communal open space, which has been delivered as part of earlier stages of the Summerlin Estate.

summerlin banyo plans
Ground floor plans (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

The $100 million Summerlin Master Planned development, a new community and lifestyle destination in the heart of Banyo consisting of unique terrace homes and boutique apartments. 

summerlin banyo
Level 1 (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)
summerlin brisbane
Level 2 (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

The DA also includes a total of 40 car parking spaces for residents and eight car parking spaces for visitors. Both the vehicle and pedestrian access will be via Rochat Avenue. 

Designed by Arqus Design, the buildings feature a contemporary design and assorted layouts suitable for varied households. A planning report for the DA highlighted that each unit has been designed to accommodate large internal layouts and private courtyards and balconies interfacing high quality communal open space and landscaped areas. 

masterplan summerlin banyo
Summerlin Banyo Masterplan (Photo credit:

Aside from the DA lodged to the Brisbane City Council, developers are planning to build three more buildings (still under Council assessment) with three storeys each, in addition to townhouses currently being built. 

“The site is well serviced being in close proximity to transport, education, and community facilities, being within walking distance to Nudgee Station,” a report by Wolter Consulting Group stated.

Wolter Consulting Group has also noted that the proposal is consistent with the maximum five-storey height and provisions of the Residential Design – Medium Density Zone Under the City Plan 2000. 

For more details, visit Council’s PD Online with the Reference A005957767.

Lite n’ Easy Steps Up Recruitment for Banyo Facility

Did you know that Lite n’ Easy, one of Australia’s longest-running healthy food delivery services, is stepping up recruitment for its Banyo facility, with more than a hundred job vacancies for permanent, part-time, and casual workers?

Following an investment of $80 million to improve its delivery service in this COVID-19 pandemic, Lite n’ Easy is expecting a busy year-end as it expands its frozen food range and Home Care Package. The Lite n’ Easy compound on Buchanan Road, which houses its main headquarters and kitchen, is also preparing to improve its manufacturing process for food packs as demand has increased because of the lockdowns. 

Research from Roy Morgan has shown that the market for meal delivery service rose by 26.5 percent in 2020 with a noticeable rise among newer and younger customers, the millennials and Generation Z. However, Lite n’ Easy’s chief executive Dennis Stark acknowledged that ageing Australians, who have been staying home longer, have become more reliant on their service. 

Established in 1986 by Queenslander Graham Mitchell, Lite n’ Easy and its parent company,  Mitchell’s Quality Foods, have over 1,600 workers across the country.

With an average of one million meal deliveries per week, including those under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the company has always aimed to make meals for a healthier Australia with its Full Meal Plans for weight loss or weight maintenance. 

Photo Credit: Gregory Bath/Facebook

“For years I’ve enjoyed Lite n’ Easy, not to lose weight, but because the meals really are delicious and healthy. After a hard day in my restaurant, there are times when the last thing I want to do is cook a healthy dinner for myself. That’s when I leave all the hard work to Lite n Easy!” said the company’s ambassador Chef Dominique Rizzo, who saw first-hand that the kitchen staff, the chefs, and dietitians working at the Banyo facility are dedicated to their work. 

Kallangur and Banyo Homes Win 2018 4KQ Christmas Lights North

From the category with the most participants, Kallangur and Banyo homes win the top spot of the 2018 4KQ Christmas Lights North Category.

This year, John and Kaye Baker’s home was Best North winner of the 2018 4KQ Christmas Lights Competition. Located at 12 Elm Drive, Kallangur, the Baker’s residence impressed the judges with their fantastic Christmas lights display.

The winning home embraced the Christmas spirit as it features various displays of Santa with his reindeers and so much more. Check out the following photos to see why the Kallangur home was the best in the North.

Photo credit:

Named as this year’s Runner-Up in the 4KQ Christmas Lights’ North Category is Jeanette Meyer’s Grandma’s Christmas Garden. Located at 4 Huron Street, Banyo, Meyer was able to transform her house into a joyful Christmas garden featuring a Nativity scene, storytime with Santa, and more holiday vignettes.

Take a look at the Banyo home’s Christmas lights display below.

Photo credit: 4KQ 693AM/Facebook

Proving that the North category is amongst the most competitive ones, six more houses impressed the judges. This year’s recipients of the Judges Commendation are the following:

  • Barwick Family, 27 Minimine Street, Stafford
  • Carolyn and Troy Ebsworth, 81 Froude Street, Banyo
  • Lights on Daisy, 48 Daisy Street, Grange
  • Lights on Long St, 1 Long Street, Clontarf
  • Michael and Vanessa Saccasan, 26 Cockatiel Court, Deception Bay
  • St Gerard Majella Catholic Church, 146 Maundrell Terrace, Chermside West

Christmas Lights Tours

Seeing these beautifully lit home is surely much better when viewed in person. Why not go on a trip around town with your family and friends and experience these magical lights yourself?

The Council’s Christmas lights bus tours will still be running until the evening of Friday, 21 December 2018. Just remember that each tour leaves at 6:45 p.m. sharp and will go for approximately three hours. Refreshment stops also included.

Alternatively, you can have your own Christmas lights tours. Check out the complete list of this year’s 4KQ Christmas Lights Competition participants so you can plan for your trip. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and play some lovely  tunes whilst having your own Christmas lights tour.