CST Direct: No Compromises at this Northgate Beauty Hub

“Ageing is unavoidable – looking your age is not,” according to the registered aestheticians and beauty specialists at CST Direct in Northgate. 

A franchise of Cosmetic Skin Therapies (CST), this outlet in Ridge St is independently owned and operated with professionally trained doctors, nurses and cosmetic injectors. The beauty hub specialises in injectable treatments that diminish facial wrinkles and fine lines, as well as restore one’s youthful looks.  

The facility is equipped with the latest technology in cosmetic healthcare whilst the staff members are knowledgeable in the various services available, such as lip or derma fillers, total rejuvenation, fat-dissolving injections, or skin resurfacing peels.  Treatments are done in a comfortable, very private and regularly cleaned rooms.

CST Direct
Photo Credit: Facebook

Potential clients visiting CST Direct for the first time may take advantage of the full-hour free consultation, allowing the doctor or nurse to analyse the best form of treatments, including treatment times, and ensuring that there are no comprises to making their clients feel more beautiful and confident.

“We believe in giving patients the ability to achieve the look they want.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

CST Direct’s clients are then referred to its sister brand, The Aesthetic Collective, which is also taking shop in the same clinic on Ridge St. 

The Aesthetic Collective has skincare specialists who can provide regular maintenance treatments like facials, microdermabrasion, and peeling, which can stave off common skin problems like acne, dryness, and dullness.  

Procedures at The Aesthetic Collective complement the injectible treatments to help clients have glowing, flawless skin. 

To see the results of their service, visit CST Direct on Facebook and The Aesthetic Collective on Instagram. 

Amidst this new normal, both CST Direct and The Aesthetic Collective have been following the directives of the government for the health and safety of its workers and clients. Hand sanitisers are on the site whilst clients will be asked to come wearing a mask and screened for COVID-19. Booking for a procedure is required and those who have an appointment can’t bring companions, including children.