Nundah Community Gets Closer Through Boomerang Bags

Plastic bags will be banned in Queensland on 1 July and in Nundah, that’s no problem at all. A local group has been hard at work making a great alternative – Boomerang Bags.

The Nundah Neighbourhood Centre has been packed for six months with volunteers creating reusable bags.

Aside from gradually eradicating the use of plastic in the community that causes harm to the environment, this initiative also brings everybody together. Conversations start and friendships are formed whilst meeting up to make reusable bags.

With such a great initiative, Cr Adam Allan of Northgate helped the group obtain funding for equipment that will help them make the bags through the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund grant.

On 12 May, there will be Nundah Boomerang Bags available by donation at the Toombul Shopping Centre whilst on 3 June it will be available at the Green Heart Fair in Chermside.

In June-July, the boomerang bags will be available by donation every Sunday at the Nundah Farmers Markets.

If you want to help make bags, you can just drop by at the neighbourhood centre from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every Thursday until the 28th of June.