Genie Delivery Service Launches In Nundah, Other Suburbs In Brisbane

Nundah will be among the first ones to experience the new Genie delivery service where consumers will be able to get everything instantly, from December 2022 onward. 

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Genie, which was launched in the city on Christmas eve, will be operating across a 30-40 kms radius from Brisbane CBD in the initial launch phase. 

From there, they will expand to other suburbs once they have grown to cover the rest of Brisbane and eventually other cities in Australia.

Genie delivery
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In its launch, founders Rohan Bandil and Lucky Goyal are planning to focus their service on convenience stores and food outlets which are very popular in Brisbane. They were also working exclusively with tobacco shops and Deliveroo before the latter quit the Australian market. Rohan shared it’s all about empowering small, local businesses to help scale them. 

Bandil and Goyal established Genie in 2021 after realising delivery could do better. Store delivery takes days and can be expensive regardless if a company outsources or uses their own infrastructure. With click-and-collect, on the other hand, consumers still have to pick it up for themselves.

The new delivery service will be welcoming any category or any business owner who wants to sign up with them on their platform. They will also be promoting them, especially those selling at places like farmers’ markets and Facebook marketplace.

Genie delivery
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“I took the best things from services like Uber Eats, Door Dash and Menulog and made them better for consumers. Genie delivers everything from nearby sellers with just one click,” said Rohan, co-founder and CEO of Genie.

One of the advantages of using the app is that customers will be able to get cheaper products, too, because sellers can cater to the same customer from the garage or warehouse.

They developed both a mobile app and a web portal that allows stores to manage orders and includes a complementary POS system for small businesses to manage their businesses. A support system has been built to provide customer service support.

Genie has three apps–or consumers, delivery riders, and merchants. The apps are available to download on iOs and Android devices starting 30 November 2022.

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The delivery fee will range from $2 to $10, and in the future, Genie will even be able to buy products for users and deliver, all for a set delivery fee of $10. You can visit for more information.