Construction of New Motor Museum in Banyo Underway

If you love classic cars, then this upcoming motor museum in Banyo is worth waiting for. Construction of the Brisbane Motor Museum on Nudgee Road is well underway and it could open very soon!

Just minutes north of the Brisbane CBD and Airport, the Brisbane Motor Museum at 959 Nudgee Road is set to become the new home for historic and classic car enthusiasts. Construction is already well underway with the target opening in late 2022 or early 2023.

According to plans, the ground floor space will include a foyer, storage area, reception and access to the undercroft car parking area. There will also be meeting rooms, a gift shop,  a food and drinks outlet, a public elevator, a library and a 900+sqm of space that will serve as the exhibit area.

Level 1 floor plan
Level 1 floor plan | Photo Credit: Brisbane Motor Museum / Facebook
 Level 2 floor plan
Level 2 floor plan | Photo Credit: Brisbane Motor Museum / Facebook

A “Minor Change Request” application has been lodged to propose changes to the previously approved development application A005810743, including the installation of a Pad Mount Transformer and changes to the hours of operation.

According to the application letter submitted by Planning Insights, the museum will house luxury and rare/vintage vehicles. To accommodate enthusiasts who may elect for a group appointment after office hours and those patrons who may wish to indulge in their interests on a Sunday, operating hours are then proposed to change to 7 am to 10 pm (from the previous 7 pm), Monday to Sunday (from the previous Saturday). After 7 pm operating hours are likely to be by appointment only for better management of the number of visitors and on-site activities.

Car parking is also proposed to be changed from the approved 41 to 39 on-site spaces, inclusive of one PWD (3 towards the front boundary, 33 internal and 3 along the northern boundary).

“The exhibit is planned to offer both a static and dynamic display. Our static display houses mostly vehicles from the museum’s collection as well as feature cars that are on display beyond the exhibit’s duration,” Brisbane Motor Museum said in describing the marques that will be on display at the museum.

Exhibition at Royal Exhibition Building
Exhibition at Royal Exhibition Building | Photo Credit: Brisbane Motor Museum / Facebook

“Our dynamic display is as mentioned, rotated every exhibit theme providing patrons fresh displays across many interests. Dynamic displays may involve themed events such as ‘The Best of a British’ or ‘The Italian Festival of Speed’ or focus on a car club’s anniversary or celebrated marque.” 

959 Nudgee Rd, Banyo QLD 4014, Australia