Nundah Resident Tends Her Growing Business, Sits and Watches Her Idea Bloom

This is a story about harnessing one’s passion and growing a business from it.

Linda Watson of Nundah is becoming a household name for pioneering the first ever Houseplant Hotel in Brisbane. The place services clients who are travelling but want to make sure that their beloved plants are well-taken cared of while they are away for the holidays, business trips abroad, or while the whole family is on their getaway.

Credit: Brisbane Plant Sitting

Ms Watson’s company is called Brisbane Plant Sitting and its Houseplant Hotel provides temporary abode to indoor and outdoor plants while their owners are unavailable to care for them. Plants will be tended according to their owners’ specific instructions, and will receive tender-loving-care from Ms Watson herself. The hotel is usually chosen by those who are not comfortable having other people in their home.

Brisbane Plant Sitting also offers the Home Service arrangement for those who, on the other hand, are not comfortable having their dear plants transferred from one place to another and back again. This service is like having a baby sitter or house sitter at home at an agreed time and schedule. The same arrangement applies for those who want to have their plants at the offices, cafes, salons, etc to be tended regularly.

Credit: Brisbane Plant Sitting Facebook

About Linda Watson

Ms Watson is passionate about gardening; in fact, she owns more than 100 plants herself. She also has an expansive outdoor garden which she has been taking care of for 20 years now. She knows plants through hands-on experience. She realises the need for a plant sitting service because of her personal attachment and bond with her own plants.

She is now looking forward to grow her client base and hopefully grow the business. In fact, she has been contacted by a woman in New York in the hopes that there is a similar service being offered in the U.S. so she sees the big potential in her business idea.

In one media interview, Ms Watson shares that her patrons are usually those who invested hundreds of dollars for their plants and do not want to see them just wither and die. Some are those who own exotic plants that are so rare and could be irreplaceable.

If interested in having a “sitter” for your plants or have them stay at the hotel, please click here.