Nudgee Recreation Reserve to Become a District Sports and Recreation Park

A development application has been submitted to turn the Nudgee Recreation Reserve into a sports and recreation park based on designs made by the City Projects Office of the Brisbane City Council.

For use among residents of Nudgee, Banyo and Virginia, the planned precinct will be upgraded to allow the community to play cricket, football and soccer. The park will also have a BMS track and paths for cycling or running whilst a corner will be set up as an outdoor gym. Lights will be installed to improve the park’s visibility, especially if there are games extending up to sundown. 

A building with changing rooms, canteen, toilets and meeting rooms will also be constructed for community use. The sports and recreational park will be open for all ages and abilities as it will have a kids’ playground and a dog off-leash area. 

But before the construction, the site will be decontaminated and undergo remediation as Nudgee Recreation Reserve was once a landfill. 

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

According to Council, investigation and testing on the site were done in late June 2020 to check the compaction to mitigate potential risks. Until March 20201, stockpiling works were undertaken to prepare the ground. 

Work is expected to start in 2021, once the development application has been approved (DA A005685740). The DA was lodged in mid-March 2021.

“While the Nudgee Recreation Reserve will remain open throughout these works, some areas will need to be fenced off temporarily for safety reasons while works take place,” Council stated. “Access through the Nudgee Recreation Reserve via Elliott Road to Railway Street will continue to be accessible at all times.”