Coles Toombul Trials New Dog Food Pick ‘n’ Mix

Supermarket chain Coles is trialing a new method of selling dog food to its customers in Nundah by allowing them to purchase pick ‘n’ mix bags of treats via special snack dispensers. 

With the new addition of special pick ‘n’ mix snack dispensers, the Coles branch at the Toombul Shopping Centre allows dog owners to mix and match some of their pet’s favourite treats. Following the pandemic, many Queensland residents found themselves stuck at home. Given the complications that came with spending time with friends and family, people opted to stave off loneliness by taking on canine companions.

As a result, the pet market has boomed, and Coles aims to cater to dog owners by providing them with more convenient ways of purchasing the food and products necessary to keep their pups pampered and happy. 

Photo credit: CC-BY/Vato Bob/Flickr

Some of the food items up for grabs at these dispensers include kangaroo tails and crocodile sausages, as well as a variety of training treats to facilitate dog training sessions. Training treats in particular play an important role in teaching dogs new behaviours, and having a variety helps owners discover their favorites while simultaneously preventing the dog from getting tired of having the same old snacks. 

Pick ‘n’ mix pet food was previously trialed at one of Coles’ branches in Melbourne in 2019. Following its success, other pet food dispensers were set up at select venues — with Coles’ Toombul being one of the first in all of Queensland.

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