Frank the Cat Saved from Euthanasia; Rescue Group Sets Example for the Community

Nundah resident Annabella Verity, founder of I AM V Pet Rescue, took Frank, the Cat, from a pound in New South Wales and transferred him to Brisbane for recovery from infestation few months ago. Frank already found a home and is now getting better. Ms. Verity urges the public to take cats and other animals to the vet and not to the pound.


Lucky Frankie

(Photo credit: I AM V Pet Rescue/Facebook)

Frank is one lucky feline that was rescued from euthanasia after being dumped in a pound. When Ms. Verity found him, he had horrible eye and ear infections, fleas, cough, and was underweight.

He was taken to a vet immediately, though not much help was given at the time due to his condition. With a heavy heart, Ms. Verity just took him home. She and Ang, a kindhearted individual who functioned as Frank’s temporary foster parent, took turns in caring for the troubled cat.

After a few days, Frank was seen by another vet, Dr. Paul of Grange Vet, who treated him with antibiotics, ointments, ear drops, vaccinations, food, and bath. The antibiotics did not work on Frank’s eye, so he needed surgery to keep him from going blind.

Frank’s new mum Nikki
(Photo credit: I AM V Pet Rescue/Facebook)

Frank’s eye surgery went well and he can now open his green eyes. Ms. Verity has now placed Frank with a “forever parent.” The cat is now happy with his new mum Nikki, and has flourished under her care. He is getting better every day, but he still needs follow-up care to prevent the relapse of infection in his eyes. Frank’s Go Fund Me page is still open for donations for his medications and rehab.


I AM V Pet Rescue

(Photo credit: I AM V Pet Rescue/Facebook)

Frank got his second chance at life through I AM V Pet Rescue. It is a privately-funded, Brisbane-based animal rescue group organised by Ms. Verity. Frank is not the only feline rescued from euthanasia.

I AM V Pet Rescue’s mission is to save all the animals in Australian pounds and reduce the rate of euthanasia. They are also raising awareness about animal welfare issues, while raising funds to support veterinary care and rehabilitation of the rescued animals.

The foundation is dedicated to finding at least temporary shelters for animals in the pound, just to rescue them from euthanasia.

Updates and details on how to help and adopt the rescued animals can be viewed on their Facebook page.


Save Animals from Euthanasia

(Photo credit: Alexander/Flickr)

According to the Brisbane City Council, there were more than 5,000 cats and dogs that had been euthanised in the past three years.

Euthanasia of feral cats and stray dogs is a part of the council’s pest management program. Pounds usually euthanise sick animals without even consulting professional advise during the same time frame they were not adopted. Unfortunately, most of these feral cats and stray dogs were once domestic pets that were abandoned by its owners.

“People need to understand that owning an animal isn’t a right, it’s a privilege and with that privilege comes certain responsibilities,” RSPCA Spokesman Michael Beatty said.

Euthanasia is unavoidable, but saving few animals from being abandoned is a great help.