New Renewable Energy Training Facility Set for Construction in Pinkenba

A state-of-the-art renewable energy training facility will be established in Pinkenba after the approval of the MID planning framework and the allocation of $17 million in funds. Once completed, this project will enable Queensland to reach its renewable target by 2030.

Deputy Premier and Planning Minister Steven Miles confirmed that the State Government has invested in the training facility, which will provide “pre-trade, apprenticeship and post trade courses” for 300 students a year and jobs for 40 teachers. 

The Pinkenba Renewable Energy Training Facility, located on 749 Macarthur Avenue Central, will deliver workers who will be able to carry out specialised roles in electrical, solar, and telecommunications across the region. 


  • The Pinkenba Renewable Energy Training Facility will be constructed along Macarthur Avenue Central starting September 2021.
  • The school, under Electro Group, will train 300 students who will work in the electrical, solar and telecommunications sectors. 
  • Queensland Government will fund $17 million of the $23-million training facility.

Photo Credit: MID/Queensland Government

Electro Group is eyeing to start construction of the building in September 2021. 

“Our facility will provide electrical workers with classroom learning and out in the field training, which will feature a 17m high wind turbine, a 20m high climbing tower, a 30m telecommunications tower and a 54-kw single-axis tracking solar system,” Electro Group CEO Donna Pickford said.  

“Being able to provide both current and future electrical workers with this hands-on experience will mean they’ll be fully equipped to take on the jobs of tomorrow.

“We’re excited to be moving forward with this project and we’re looking forward to welcoming our first students in mid-2022.”

Electro Group bypassed Brisbane City Council in submitting the plans (MID-0521-0495). The Council earlier expressed concerns that the school’s establishment in a predominantly industrial area could hamper future expansion and activities for the surrounding sites.

Photo Credit: MID/Queensland Government

However, the electrotechnology training company said that Queensland needs the school since the state is projected to double employment in the renewable energy sector in 10 years. There are currently 27,000 renewable energy workers in this region. 

“While we’re investing in renewable energy projects throughout the state, it is also important we invest in our workforce to deliver and maintain renewable energy infrastructure,” Mr Miles, who approved the development, said.