Police Taps Nundah Community CCTV Systems to Help Solve Crime

Gateway Patrol Group police are tapping CCTV systems as a crucial investigative tool in solving serious crime as thieves continue to target cars in Nundah, particularly the areas between  Boyd Road, Hamson Terrace, Tufnell Street and Vernon Street.

Residents are reminded to report suspicious activity or vehicles to the police and provide them with CCTV or dash cam footage if they happen to have any. Police use CCTV footage in the investigation and possibly as evidence in order to swiftly resolve cases, especially for serious crimes. 

Research findings suggest that CCTV generates “significant crime reductions” particularly in residential areas. CCTV can potentially assist police after the commission of crimes: improve the response of personnel to emergencies, provide visual evidence for use in criminal investigations, and secure early guilty pleas from offenders.

To make utilisation of this tool more efficient, residents across the North Brisbane Gateway Patrol Group, including Boondall, Carseldine, Sandgate, Hendra and Stafford police divisions, who own and operate a CCTV system are encouraged to register with the Community Camera Alliance.

What is the Community Camera Alliance program?

CCTV systems
Photo credit: Queensland Police Service / police.qld.gov.au

Community Camera Alliance is a QPS initiative to help prevent crime by encouraging the registration of closed-circuit television systems (CCTV). By voluntarily registering a CCTV system, police would be able to know where one is located within the community,  potentially reducing investigation times since locating these security cameras can be time-consuming.

If you have a CCTV system that you would like to register, you need to provide some information.

For CCTV systems at home:

  • your full name (as it appears on your driver’s licence)
  • your current residential address
  • your contact details and some details regarding your CCTV system.

For CCTV systems at your business premises:

  • full trading name of the business
  • the physical address of the business
  • contact details for the owner and operator of the CCTV system
  • some details regarding the CCTV system.

The information provided during registration will be stored in QPRIME – an existing secure database solely utilised and accessed by members of the QPS. These details may then be accessed for purposes of investigating a crime and CCTV footage may be used for court purposes.

You may notify police and request removal of your registration through the Brisbane North Gateway Patrol Group if you change your mind, move to a new location, or need to remove your CCTV system.