Nudgee Bikeway Bridge Replacement @ Banyo; Closures Required in Nundah

A 100-metre section of the Kedron Brook Bikeway, between Nudgee Road, Nundah and Nudgee Road, Nudgee Beach will be temporarily closed from the 14th to 21st of July, to give way to the replacement of the Nudgee Bikeway Bridge.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The Nudgee Bikeway Bridge is part of the Kedron Brook Bikeway. The bridge is already at the end of its useful life. The replacement project is essential because there are approximately 1,100 cyclists and 220 pedestrians crossing the bridge everyday via the Kedron Brook Bikeway.

Brisbane City Council plans to replace the old bridge with a 3.5 metre-wide fibre composite bridge deck that will enhance the safety of both cyclists and pedestrian. The new bridge structure is seen to be more flexible to the salt water environment, suited to any environmental condition, and has low maintenance requirements.

Traffic controllers will be on site three days before and after the full closure of the bikeway to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and cyclists and to maintain their access through the work site. Proper signages will be installed at intervals along the Kedron Brook Bikeway.


Kedron Brook Bikeway

Kedron Brook Bikeway Link (Photo credit: Brisbane City/Twitter)

The Kedron Brook Bikeway is one of Brisbane’s busiest bikeways. Stretching for almost 20 kilometres from Mitchelton to Nundah, it connects to the Jim Soorley Bikeway on Nundah’s east. It is a valuable corridor for cycling, away from the traffic jams.

In the past few years, the bikeway has undergone major upgrades, including the recently completed “Kedron Brook Bikeway: Grinstead Park Shared Pathway Stage 2” project. The Grinstead Park stage provided the missing link in the off-road Kedron Brook Bikeway and ensured ease of access and connectivity to Grinstead Park, Kedron Brook’s existing bikeway, and the Stafford City Shopping Centre.

Check out the Brisbane City Council’s website for the details and construction updates of the Nudgee Bikeway Bridge Replacement Project and to view the current bikeway projects.