New Microbrewery Proposed for Northgate

A new microbrewery proposed for Northgate is set to expand beer choices in the suburb. This follows the lodgement of a new development application for Fick Brewing Company.

The proposed development seeks the council’s approval for a microbrewery with a food and drink outlet at 108 Old Toombul Rd, Northgate.

Other Microbrewery Proposed for Northgate

Prior to this application, Aether Brewing submitted a development application for a microbrewery in Northgate. The proposed development would be located at 340 Melton Rd, Northgate.

Apart from the brewery that can produce up to 20,000 litres per annum, plans for Aether Brewing’s proposed development also includes a small taste-testing facility. Their development application is still subject to Council’s approval.

New Microbrewery Proposal for Northgate

Microbrewery Proposed for Northgate
Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

The current proposal for Fick Brewing Company aims to convert an existing building into a microbrewery site. The building’s ground level warehouse will be modified to include a microbrewery, seating area, and a kitchen with a cool room.

Microbrewery Proposed for Northgate
Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

Plans for the development also includes the retention of the caretaker’s accommodation at the upper level of the existing building.

Microbrewery Proposed for Northgate

The development will also have an outdoor seating area. This will be located in the existing covered courtyard area between the two existing warehouse spaces on site.

Similar to Aether Brewing’s plan, the proposed microbrewery facility also has a capacity of processing less than 200 tonnes per annum.

Northgate will have a vast number of beer options once the two development applications earn the Council’s approval. This adds to the growing brewery industry in Brisbane.

To learn more about the new microbrewery proposed for Northgate, you can check the Application Details for A004996163.