Nundah Library Welcomes Thai Food Lovers to Free World Kitchen Workshop

Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Many describe it as exotic because of its singular flavours and the combination of ingredients that make it distinctly delicious.

But more than being exotic, Thai cuisine is also healthy. Herbs and green vegetables are staples of Thai dishes.

The “World Kitchen: Thailand, paradise of food lovers” workshop, to be held at the Nundah Library on 17th February at 2:00 p.m., will introduce participants to Kai Tom Kamin, a Thai dish composed of a chicken stew flavoured with turmeric.

Credit: Huahommag/Pixabay

Turmeric is a yellow root crop which is commonly used in curries because of its distinct but subtle zing. This spice is known to be medicinal because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is famously known to prevent arthritis but some studies suggest it can also prevent cancer.

Credit: Ajale/Pixabay

The Thai “World Kitchen: Thailand, paradise of food lovers” workshop will also feature a selection of Thai desserts.

The workshop is part of the BrisAsia Festival 2018 brought by the Brisbane City Council. The festival runs from 10th February until 4th March 2018 with more than 80 events across the city.

Phone Nundah Library at 07 3407 8701 to reserve your slot to this FREE workshop.

ABC Radio’s Annette McFarlane Talks Gardening at Nundah Library

ABC Radio gardening presenter Annette McFarlane will be facilitating a workshop titled “Year in the Garden” at the Nundah Library on the 13th of January from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. She will discuss how to effectively set priorities to ensure success in home gardening. She will teach participants on how to set goals for themselves and their gardens for the whole year round.

Credit: Annette Mcfarlane Facebook

By the end of the session, attendees will learn what to plant when, when the timely pruning is and when fertilizer and pest control needs to happen. Ms McFarlane will share the significance of planning ahead and how it is almost a requirement to be equipped with a gardening calendar for the summer, autumn, winter, and spring.

Credit: Annette Mcfarlane Facebook

Ms McFarlane personally makes use of a gardening calendar to know what flowers and vegetables are best to plant for each season. She has actually designed a calendar that can help gardeners successfully plant during the cool temperatures, in the subtropical and tropical areas of Queensland.

Credit: Annette Mcfarlane Facebook

Ms McFarlane studied horticulture and environmental education and is a former lecturer at TAFE Queensland. She is personally interested in organic fruit and vegetable growing, and heirloom seed saving, as well as rare breeds of poultry animals and pigs.

“Community education and creating edible gardens within cities and suburbs excites me. I am a teacher, garden writer, author and broadcaster, but first and foremost I am and always have been a gardener”. – Ms MacFarlane

Ms McFarlane has been a household name because of her ongoing stint with ABC Gardening Talkback and her stories and posts written for the Sunday Mail, Gardening Australia Magazine, and Live for Less website. She is also a published author and her books include “Successful Gardening in Warm Climates”, “Organic Vegetable Gardening”, “Organic Fruit Growing”, and Gardening Australia’s “Love Your Garden”.

“Year in the Garden” workshop at Nundah Library is free but reservations are essential. Please call the library at 0734078701 to reserve a slot.

In case you miss the workshop at Nundah Library, Ms McFarlane can be invited for presentations for industry seminars, gardening related shows, field days, nursery promotions, and staff training days. The requirements to book her for events can be found here.

Nundah Library is at 1 Bage Street, Nundah