Wood-fired Barbecues To Be Phased Out From Brisbane Parks

Wood-fired barbecues will be phased out from parks throughout Brisbane, in favour of gas barbecues or electric ones, like the one recently installed at Ross Park on Sandgate Road in Nundah.  

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In a meeting in February 2023, the LNP majority passed a vote to remove wood-fired barbecues, encouraging the use of electric/gas barbecues because of its convenience for residents. 

Tracy Davis, Civic Cabinet Chair of the Environment, Parks and Sustainability Committee, highlighted that many residents now prefer electric/gas barbecues because they don’t need to carry logs around a local park or attempt to keep a fire alight. 

Wood-fired barbecues
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

According to Brisbane City Council’s website, there are barbecues in over 420 parks and natural areas throughout Brisbane and they are either electric or gas. However, there are only a few wood-fired barbecues left, which can be seen mostly in the western and middle ring suburbs.

Whilst there have been electric replacements, Opposition thought these replacements are not keeping up since the total numbers are reportedly at its lowest since 1973. There have also been claims that it’s killing an Australian tradition. 

Photo credit: Michal Jarmoluk/Pixabay 

Labor Councillor for Deagon Ward Jared Cassidy revealed there were more than 300 wood versions removed from Brisbane in less than 10 years and the electric/gas replacements are not keeping up.

From 410 barbecues throughout Brisbane parks in 2014, there were allegedly 288 left as of 2019, according to Cr Cassidy. 

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In response to the alleged declining numbers of barbecues in parks, Cr Davis claimed there are 734 barbecues throughout the city, some of which are newly installed, including the ones at Nundah’s Ross Park, Alderley’s Grinstead Park and Stones Corner’s Hanlon Park.

Published 4-March-2023