Have Your Say on Proposed Changes to Banyo Rail Crossing Traffic Movement

To ease congestion, traffic movement changes are being proposed on Banyo Rail Crossing. Residents in Banyo, Nudgee, Nudgee Beach, and part of Virginia are invited to provide community feedback.

Apart from the traffic congestion heading north toward Tufnell Rd, another traffic hotspot that has been identified is the area heading south towards St Vincents Rd. 

This busy artery is said to be more problematic, as motorists who go this route are primarily heading towards Toombul Rd can attest. Due to this, necessary changes to one of the traffic movements on the western side of Banyo Rail Crossing are being proposed.

Beginning 29 November 2021, residents in Banyo, Nudgee, Nudgee Beach, and part of Virginia  will receive flyers explaining the proposed changes, providing additional information about the ongoing project on the eastern side of the rail crossing, and seeking community feedback. 

The ongoing project aims to enhance the existing traffic movement by realigning the road markings, creating a wider lane where traffic turns right into Tufnell Road. 

Note that the work currently being done on the Royal Parade’s eastern side does not require consultation; however, the proposed project on the western side does.

Photo credit:  Councillor Adam Allan / Facebook

“The proposal that I am seeking your feedback on is that we remove the option of southbound through motion on Royal Parade western side at the intersection and make it a left turn only across the rail lines as outlined in the diagram on the following page. As per the State road rules, these left turning vehicles have right of way over right turning vehicles,” Cr Allan said.

Whilst the proposed changes will help ease congestion and enhance safety at the said intersection, it also comes with corresponding impacts. 

When the proposal is implemented,  over 400 vehicles taking this route between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. will have to use Elliot Rd, then to Blinzinger Rd, Downfall Rd, and Wellington Street. This change could potentially increase Elliot Road’s volume of traffic by up to 17%.

Concerned residents can submit their feedback on the proposed change to the Banyo Rail Crossing by visiting this site.