Shorncliffe Line Soon To Have Extra Train Services

The Shorncliffe line will have extra 12 train services per week out of the 430 extra weekly train services to be introduced across the South East Queensland network beginning 29 July 2019.

As announced by Queensland Rail, a total of 430 extra weekly train services across SEQ will be added, 85 of which will run in peak times and 142 will run on a Friday. 

There will also be an upgrade of 59 existing services from three-carriages to six-carriages which equates to 200,000 extra seats per week. The extra services will add to the 32 weekly peak time services introduced last May 2019 and the 193 three-carriage upgrades, as well as the 46,000 extra seats added last December 2018.

The introduction of extra train services from 29 July, will restore the 8,290 services per week that was promised with the Redcliffe Peninsula Line opening, increasing current service levels by 5.5 percent.

Additional services to the Shorncliffe line:

Departure stationDeparture timeArrival stationArrival timeDays services are added to
Central9.13amShorncliffe9.50amMonday to Thursday
Central5.58pmShorncliffe6.35pmFriday (peak)
Shorncliffe6.09amCentral6.46amMonday to Thursday (peak)
430 extra weekly train services | Video Credit: Queensland Rail / YouTube

To keep the Monday to Friday timetable consistent, a couple of changes to the service origins and departures will be implemented: 

  • Shorncliffe service departing Central at 6.43am will depart Sandgate at 7.18am and arrive at Shorncliffe at 7.20am consistently Monday to Friday. 
  • Friday service departing Shorncliffe at 7.28pm will now depart at a consistent time Monday to Thursday which is four minutes earlier at 7.24pm.‚Äč  

“Delivering a new timetable is a complex task which requires the consideration of a range of interconnected logistics beyond the availability of traincrew, including the planning, stabling and maintenance of trains, rostering and daily train movements,” Queensland Rail’s CEO Nick Easy said.

“More trains running across the network is naturally more challenging to operate, and as the implementation of these changes approaches in the coming weeks our teams will be 100 percent focused on ensuring we transition to these changes reliably.

“We hope these improvements can make a real difference to our customer’s schedules each week, providing more frequent services and more options for our customers to get to and from their commitments sooner,” Mr Easy said.