Speed Limit Reduction Applied in Sections of Melton Road

Heads up, North Brisbane motorists! The speed limit on a busy section of Melton Road has been reduced to 50km/h from 60km/h.

Signs along Melton Road, specifically between Toombul Road in Northgate to Buckland Road in Nundah, have been installed informing of the speed limit changes, effected February 2023, so that all motorists can slow down and keep the roads safer. 

Cr Adam Allan said that the change was adapted to keep the speed consistent and “suitable for the road and the surrounding usage,” especially following the completion of the Melton and Hows Roads.

Per Council, the said intersection is accessed by over 15,000 vehicles, 35 cylists and hundreds of pedestrians a day. Its volume has been projected to increase, especially during peak hours, by 2031. Thus, the new roundabout had to be built, alongside a new pedestrian crossing and shared paths. It has also prompted a need to change the speed limit. 

“This will be consistent with the remaining southern section of Melton Road that is already 50km/h and remove confusion where the speed limit currently varies,” Mr Allan said.

“My request for this change was approved via the Speed Management Committee which is comprised of representatives from the State Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Queensland Police Service and the relevant local council.”

A Starbucks Development Is Coming to Northgate

A Starbucks development is coming to Northgate. The approved development proposal will also include a service station and research tech offices to be built at the former site of the Northgate Foundry building on Toombul Road.

According to the Verve-designed plans, the development will include the establishment of a service station which plans were already approved back in 2020 and two new stand-alone buildings. The development will be integrated with the existing brick building situated on the southwest side of the 7,994sqm site at 185 Toombul Road in Northgate.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au/

There will be a Starbucks outlet with a drive-through to be built on the corner of Toombul Road and Holland Street whilst next to it will be one of the research and technology industry buildings.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au

The approved application will also involve the reconfiguring of the lot into two subdivisions to separate the service station with its associated reciprocal easements. The four buildings will be situated on each of the corner sides of the site with driveways and an 86-car parking area provided at the centre of the development.

The old Northgate Foundry building which has been at the site since the 1950s has been demolished to facilitate the approved development. The project which will cover a total gross floor area of 1,533sqm will provide a new shared driveway to Holland Street and Toombul Road.

The upcoming development at a glance:

Service Station (Tenancy 1)= 193sqm GFA

  • Fuel canopy, 8 fuel pumps
  • Shared loading bay
  • 12 car parking
  • Landscaping 

Food and Drink (Tenancy 2-Starbucks) = 200sqm GFA

  • Single storey (5.5m max. height)
  • Alfresco area
  • Single lane drive through (up to 10 queuing cars)
  • Shared car parking
  • Shared loading bay
  • Landscaping

Research and Tech Building (Tenancy 3) = 600sqm GFA

  • Two storey
  • Courtyard
  • Shared loading bay
  • Landscaping 

Research and Tech Building (Tenancy 4) = 540sqm GFA

  • Two storey
  • Ground floor awning
  • Shared car parking
  • Shared loading bay
  • Landscaping 

185 Toombul Rd, Northgate QLD 4013, Australia