Temporary Mobile Phone Base Station at Toombul Shopping Centre

Telecommunication Tower Installed at Toombul Shopping Centre

Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus have jointly established a Temporary Mobile Phone Base Station within Toombul Shopping Centre’s car park. The telecommunication tower, situated near the former Coles click-and-collect area, aims to address the need to ensure effective mobile network coverage in the area.

The temporary station stands tall at 30 meters, equipped with antennas, ancillary tools, and cabinets on an elevated platform. Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus have indicated that this provisional infrastructure will operate until August 2024.


Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / Development i A006248810

Mirvac, overseeing the site’s transformation, submitted plans for the shopping centre’s demolition in April 2023. The move follows the impact of the Brisbane floods in February 2022, which mandated the relocation of existing telecommunication facilities before demolition could commence.

According to SAQ Consulting, the installation of this temporary base station adheres to the Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code C564:2020. It ensures continuous mobile phone coverage and network capacity for Nundah and its surrounding areas following the decommissioning of existing rooftop facilities.

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Mirvac is committed to shaping the future of the site. Plans for the area’s redevelopment, including retail spaces, are in progress. However, specifics regarding the return of major retailers or the exact size of the shopping area remain undisclosed.

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Updates on the demolition plans will be provided as they progress. Advance notice of work commencement and ongoing updates will be communicated as needed. For direct email updates on the demolition program, register online at toombulrenewal.com/register.

Published 14-December-2023