Authorities Give Tips To Prevent Break-ins Following Cases In Nundah, Other North Brisbane Suburbs

North Brisbane
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Authorities continue to remind the public about the importance of tightening up the security of their properties, following a spate of home robberies in Nundah and other suburbs north of Brisbane.

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According to S/Con Kim Richter, there were around 23 reported cases of break-ins or enter with intent offences across North Brisbane from January 18 to 25.


Around four of these cases happened in Nundah with the majority committed overnight and in the early hours of the morning with most offences occurring between Monday to Wednesday.

Queensland Police Service said unit complexes including secure car parks and storage cages have also been targeted over this period with property stolen from vehicles and storage cages.

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“When it comes to high-rise residential buildings and apartments, security is essential. Most break-ins are opportunistic, especially when there is evidence of quick and easy entry and unsecured valuables are visible,” said S/Con Richter.

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“Diligence in maintaining and monitoring building rules around parking, storage, maintenance and common areas is very effective in preventing crime. A lapse in security of communal areas including garages compromises the security of the whole building.”

Here are some tips from QPS to prevent break ins

  • Always lock the doors even when you are home.
  • Use quality locks for all external doors and internal garage door.
  • Make sure that security screen doors are designed to Australian Standards.
  • Equip your home with a door viewer so you will be able to see the person before you open the door.
  • Make sure shutters and security grills are properly installed, but allow for an exit in case of emergency.
  • If you don’t have it yet, consider having an alarm system and security camera. 

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Police advised using a layered approach when reviewing your home security. Here’s a video demonstrating how to apply the layered approach to your own home.