Toombul Shopping Centre Demolition Approved, Mirvac Commits to Future Retail in Redevelopment Plan

Toombul Shopping Centre Could Take Up to 8 Months Before It Could Reopen
Photo Credit: Leanne Linard MP / Facebook

The flood-ravaged Toombul Shopping Centre has been given the green light for demolition, signalling the beginning of a new chapter for the shopping centre in Brisbane’s north.

The demolition process is expected to be a meticulous one, as the derelict structure will be taken down piece by piece rather than through a single blow. The decision comes after the site was left uninhabitable due to extensive flooding in February 2022, leaving lower levels submerged in water, causing severe damage and mould growth.


Mirvac’s development application to demolish all structures on the site was submitted in April 2023, and the Council’s approval on 19th July 2023 now paves the way for the commencement of demolition later this year. The company has not yet disclosed the exact start and completion dates for the demolition.

“We expect demolition to commence later in the year once the considerations noted above have been resolved. We will advise the community when we have a start date. The demolition program is estimated to take approximately 12 months to complete depending on progress and weather conditions,” the company said in a statement

Before the demolition begins, Mirvac must address several considerations, including the relocation of existing telecommunications towers and coordination with service providers like AirTrain to ensure the safety and efficiency of the demolition work near their infrastructure.

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The task presents various complexities and environmental concerns due to the proximity of the creek corridor and residential areas. Mirvac assures the community that they will implement extensive measures to mitigate potential noise, dust, vibration, and traffic impacts.

Toombul’s community will be kept informed throughout the process, with a commitment from Mirvac to minimize impacts on residents and maintain access to nearby roads, bikeways, footpaths, the Kedron Brook bikeway, and the Toombul bus interchange.

What North Brisbane Locals Want

In January 2023, the company had previously sought input from thousands of locals about their preferences for the site’s redevelopment.

“We’re pleased to let you know we received almost 10,000 pieces of incredible feedback that have been carefully considered and will help inform our continued planning for the future of Toombul, along with planning outcomes and commercial considerations,” Mirvac stated

The company has taken note of three important points from the community: 

  • Shoppers are missing convenient local retail and services.
  • They want to see retail return to the site as a priority.
  • The community expects the site to have improved resilience to local flooding.

Respondents also indicated a desire for retail spaces, public green areas, and essential services, such as healthcare. Mirvac has confirmed that these elements will be included in the redesign, along with improved flood mitigation measures.

Mirvac’s vision for the site includes a focus on retail in any future plans. However, specific details, such as the inclusion of a supermarket, theatre, or major retailer, have not been ironed out. Concept plans and a master plan are expected to be made available for community review by the end of 2023.

As the demolition planning progresses, Mirvac pledges to keep the community informed with ongoing updates and provides an option for residents to receive direct email updates about the future demolition program by registering online.

The redevelopment of Toombul Shopping Centre holds the promise of revitalizing the area and providing much-needed retail amenities for the local community. With cautious and diligent planning, Mirvac aims to turn the flood-ravaged site into a vibrant and thriving hub once again.

Follow updates about the redevelopment via the Toombul Renewal official site.

Published 20-July-2023