Toombul Shopping Centre Update: Mirvac Lodges Plans for Demolition

Toombul Shopping Centre
Photo Credit: Google Maps Screengrab

Mirvac will soon proceed with pulling down the Toombul Shopping Centre more than a year after it was shut down due to severe flooding damage.

In a statement on the Toombul Renewal site, Mirvac announced that it has lodged the development application (DA A006248810) for the demolition. The developer expects the demolition to take place in late 2023 and will span 12 months to complete.  


“We will provide updates as our DA progresses, including a demolition start date,” the company announced. “Residents will receive advance notice of the start of works, and ongoing updates thereafter. If you would like to receive direct updates by email about the future demolition program, please register online at 

Mirvac also said that future plans for the site have yet to be finalised and a masterplan will be out for review by the community at the end of the year. However, speculations point to a possible mixed-use site with a residential precinct.

The company bought Toombul Shopping Centre in 2016 for $223 million and adopted a $35-million upgrade in 2019. The February 2022 flooding, however, brought down the site’s value to $90 million because of the extent of the damage. In May 2022, the company said that the building was beyond repair. 

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“The Council Planning team will be working closely with Mirvac to assess this application and provide a prompt response. This will allow Mirvac to commence demolition activities as quickly as possible to support renewal of the Toombul site,” Cr Adam Allan, the Council’s City Planning chair said.  

Meanwhile, the bus interchange and park and ride will remain open during the demolition, but with safety measures in place.

Published 13-April-2023