Virginia United FC Launches Walking Football

Photo Credit: Virginia United Football Club / Facebook

Nundah residents now have a less physically demanding alternative to staying fit and active as Virginia United FC introduces Walking Football, a slower low-impact version of soccer, beginning 19 July 2019.

Walking football is a low-impact sport with absolutely no running or jogging. However, VUFC envisions their walking football to be a more inclusive game, rather than just targeting the elderly, to include parents and their kids and everyone else regardless of gender, age, and ability.

Walking football, as a general rule, requires players to have at least one foot on the ground at all times. Participants get many benefits from playing the sport at VUFC, such as quick recovery rate, low cost, less impact compared to other sports, and flexible attendance apart from being extremely enjoyable and social.


Photo Credit: Virginia United FC /

Playing Walking Football at VUFC is easy as there is no advance registration required and no long season commitment needed. However, VUFC only asks that you complete the name and contact email form, so you can be updated if a session is cancelled for any reason, and that’s it!

Once you arrive, just need to pay $7.50 by cash or EFTPOS at the club canteen and take your token to the coordinator on Field 3. The game is open to anyone and is divided into an under 50 and over 50 years old categories with five or six players each  team. Also, games are self refereed and played on a 30-metre wide by 40-metre long grass fields, with 3-metre wide and 2-metre high goals. 

So, head out to Virginia UFC at 547 Nudgee Rd in Nundah and tag everyone along! The game starts at 6.30pm and will run for one hour and 15 minutes. 

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