Chemical Leak at Virginia Factory Forced People to Evacuate

Chemical Leak at Virginia Factory Forced People to Evacuate

Police declared an emergency declaration under the Public Safety and Preservation Act (PSPA) on Thursday afternoon, 9 March 2023, due to a chemical leak at a Virginia factory forcing the evacuation of people within the exclusion zone.

At 2.35 pm, an emergency declaration was declared due to a chemical spill at a factory located on Newton Street in Virginia. People within the exclusion zone were asked to evacuate and police asked the members of the community to avoid the area while emergency services responded to the emergency.


The exclusion zone included the intersections of Newtown Street and Robinson Road, Hadley Street and Robinson Road, Bilsen Road and Robinson Road, Lisgar Street and Pritchard Road and Newtown Street and Pritchard Road.

Eight crews from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services attended the scene. A QFES spokesman said that a scientific team also conducted air monitoring tests to determine what type of chemical leak it was and what caused it.  

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The police revoked the PSPA declaration at around 4 pm and declared the emergency situation no longer exists with no injuries reported.

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QFES advises people to always call Triple Zero (000) first for any life-threatening emergencies.

Some of the types of emergencies, according to QFES’ guidelines for hazardous industry, include:  

  • Fire (including the generation of toxic combustion products)
  • Explosion (including BLEVE)
  • Spill (of hazardous solids and liquids)
  • Gas leak (flammable, toxic, asphyxiant, pressurised or refrigerated liquid)
  • Structural failure
  • Natural events (including floods, earthquake, storms, storm tides, etc)
  • Impact event (road vehicles, railways, aircraft, ships)
  • Subversive activities (bomb threat, vandalism, sabotage)
  • Transport incident 

Published 13-March-2023