Mirvac Reveals Outcomes of Community Consultation for Its Toombul Renewal Plans

Mirvac Reveals Outcomes of Community Consultation for Its Toombul Renewal Plans

Locals do not want to see Toombul dominated by high-density residential development, nor do they want a much larger retail centre at the site, the outcomes of the Mirvac Toombul Renewal community consultation revealed.

In November 2022, Mirvac sought feedback from the community on what they would like to see for the future of the Toombul site. Members of the community were invited to participate in an online survey or at one of the four drop-in sessions held in Nundah, Wavell Heights and Clayfield.


The engagement program aims to identify the community’s needs and ensure that they remain informed on any updates or redevelopment plans for the Toombul site following the closure of the centre in 2022 due to flood damage. 

The outcomes of this community consultation, along with planning outcomes and commercial considerations will inform decisions about the future of the Toombul site.

Highlights of the Toombul Renewal community consultations include:

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  • 96 per cent of stakeholders who participated in the online consultation identified as former Toombul customers
  • More than 85 per cent of respondents were from local postcodes
  • 88 per cent of respondents said they visited Toombul once a week or mor

Meanwhile, the community wants a mix of retail and services, flood resilience and mitigation, a mix of dining and entertainment options, enhanced open green and recreation space, and improved connections to public and active transport.

“The community want to see retail return, with loyalty to the former Toombul, while many are open to change and other complementary uses to extend community benefit at the site, including well-considered mixed-use.” Mirvac

Leanne Linard MP in a social media post said that “the results showed what we locals already know: we loved Toombul, and we want to see a mix of retail, services and green space back on-site.”

“We also want to know what’s next, and when.

“The key issues I raised on behalf of our community were the need for Mirvac to deliver ongoing communication of their forward plan, and the safety of local nearby residents when demolition commences.

“Next month will be one year since the loss of Toombul. We will continue to ensure our communities voice is represented in future decisions for the site.

Published 10-February-2023