Prefabricated Concrete Pools by Pinkenba Manufacturer Making Waves Globally

Prefabricated Concrete Pools by Pinkenba Manufacturer Making Waves Globally

Pinkenba-based Plungie is making international waves with its revolutionary approach to prefabricated concrete pools. Fresh from its US expansion via a new manufacturing facility in Texas, Plungie is now gearing up to dive into Canada and Europe.

According to Chief Executive Cameron Levick, Plungie’s footprint now spans from Pinkenba in Brisbane to Kilmore in Victoria, with a strategic presence in Alvarado, Texas, to cater to the thriving US market. Notably, a developer in Washington State has already ordered 200 pools for a lakeside villa project, with their construction team finding the process straightforward. This contrasts with the potential frustration of dealing with 200 traditional on-site concrete or fibreglass pools.


He added that there were also inquiries from Europe, including Spain, Italy, and Poland, signalling an impending entry into the European market next year. Canada is also on the list, potentially by the end of this year or early next year. 

For Mr Levick, concrete pools have always been synonymous with premium quality compared to fibreglass or vinyl alternatives. This is why in 2018, the visionary founders of Plungie launched a line of prefabricated concrete pools that can be immediately transported to the site, installed and ready for a swim in no time at all, complete with all the lighting and specialised coating. 

What it means to builders is gaining full control and cost management as it eliminates the need to rely on third-party contractors for pool installation or construction. Architects also love how simple it is to include Plungie pools in designs using digital tools. Plungie pools are very customizable, with six different colours, sizes, and installation choices. They also provide raw coping tiles for maximum creative freedom.  

Plungie’s success in international exports got a boost through the support of Trade Investment Queensland. Mr Levick said that TIQ’s connections with so many industries have proven to be very valuable for a company like theirs that is looking to expand to other markets. 

Published 1-September-2023